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's early monday morning now on the israel-gaza border. our david lee miller is there, david lee, any reduction in the rocket fire? >> reporter:-- we're having audio problems with david lee miller. as soon as we work out the technical difficulty of course we'll bring him back. we're been hearing a lot and you just heard me mention about the iron dome. and here is more on that. we've gathered key facts about the weapons system. interdesigned to intercept short ranging missile threat. an israeli company raphael advanced defense began developing iron dome nearly six years ago and the united states helped pay for it by providing 2.5 million dollars to buy additional iron dome systems parts. and now, we've been able to work out that technical problem with david lee miller. let's go back out, again, i mentioned it's early monday morning. well, we're going to go back and forth. it's very he difficult when you're in that kind of a zone there, it's early, it's dark, and we're trying to work through the technical difficulties there. but we've had to see him don protective gear the past few days
. david lee miller live early friday morning, not far from the gaza border in israel. describe what's there tonight. >> that's right. we're two miles from the border. it's 2:00 o'clock in the morning. overhead i can hear what sounds like israeli aircraft. over my shoulder off in the distance you can see the lights of gaza. throughout the past several hours, we have seen and heard several israeli air strikes. from our position here, we literally felt the ground shake. israeli officials say they have hit as many as seven underground medium range missile launch sites. they have also say they hit a generator that had provided electricity to the home of palestinian prime minister. they also hit a police station, as well as several smuggling tunnels and as you mentioned, it is now reported that there are 19 palestinians dead. among them, four children. some as young as ten months old. the militants, however, continue to fire their rockets. as many as 300 in the direction of israel. nearly half of them have been intercepted by the israeli missile defense system. nevertheless, that is a sys
to dictate terms of any truth. correspondent david lee miller reports from southern israel tonight. >> reporter: for the 1400 airstrikes by israeli forces take an toll on militants in gaza and the civilian population. among the latest targets, a sports stadium that israel says was used as a launching site for rockets and the international media center. that israel says militants used for communications. palestinians say the death toll in gaza has now reached more than 100. half of them are zillians. among the dead -- civilians. among the dead, 11 member of the same family. five women and four children. israel says they were killed in an operation targeting the home of a rocket eng near working for militants. >> we were sleeping at the house. suddenly the world collapsed. we didn't understand what was happening. we coulded find the children -- we couldn't find the children. they were covered by rubble. >> reporter: israel meanwhile continues to come under attack from rockets fired from gaza. more than 600 so far. as 50 just today. officials say the attacks are often launched in area
of david lee miller has the latest from long beach, new york this morning ro. are by mid afternoon, the wind had picked up -- and high winds. >> david lee miller has the latest from long beach, new york this morning. >> reporter: by mid afternoon, the win had picked up. the storm moving its way up the atlantic coast is expected to bring rain and wet snow to new jersey and new york. more than half a million people are still without power following last week's storm. now, there is fear that number will rise. new york mayor michael bloomberg warned those without power to be cautious how they heat their homes. >> if you remain in your home, please do not use gas ranges or ovens to stay warm. that is not only a serious fire hazard, the fumes it releases can kill you. >> reporter: federal officials are helping thousands left homeless by the first storm but despite the risks caused by the nor'easter, there are still those who refuse to be evacuated. >> i don't think there is any more fears. this is it. this is it. i get anxiety walking around thinking what i'm going to do. and other peopl
fox coverage. david lee miller live inside southern israel but first to steve harrigan. he is live tonight in caro. what are the terms of the deal exactly? >> trace, three basic points coming out of this cease-fire agreement. first a cessation of hostilities on all sides. for israel that means they will no longer target members of hamas. for hamas it means they will no longer fire rockets into israel. second. a cooling off period of 24 hours. this will be a closely watch period to see whether this 8 days of violence has actually stopped. and finally the most controversial part, an easing of the restrictions on the borders with gaza. now, hamas officials have come out and said those borders will be open. if you look at the language of the agreement it's a lot less clear than that. it looks like more negotiation on these borders while they will be loosened, exactly how loose they will will get, not clear yet, trace? >> it appears from all sides, steve, that egypt was really the key player in these negotiations? >> certainly some big question marks about egypt's new president. mohamme
the history of the middle east and beyond. it's very big news and we have team fox coverage. david lee miller in the south of israel for us. first jennifer griffin live at the state department. how long does secretary clinton say she plans to stay in the middle east? >> well, her aides say she will be home for thanksgiving. so that's not very long. she plans to leave tomorrow night. they also say this is not her last peace mission. she will still be making other attempts and other trips overseas as secretary of state. her meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu just ended, we're told, and from the body language earlier tonight when they spoke, it didn't look like they were on the verge of a deal. >> it is essential to deescalate the situation in gaza. the rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end and a broader calm restored. >> no country can tolerate a wanton attack on its civilians. now, if there is a possibility of achieving the long-term solution to this problem through diplomatic means, we'd prefer that. but if not, i'm sure you u
. president obama has been working with world leaders to diffuse the crisis. fox's david lee miller is live in southern israel with the latest on the conflict. david? >> reporter: at this hour, top ministry in israel are meeting behind closed doors to discuss a post-cease-fire agreement. as they continue to talk, the bloodshed continues. in the past if hours, israel continued to attack sites in gazsites ingaza. in total they targeted 1400 sites. among them, a stadium, a sports stadium where the israelis said hamas militants were launching rockets to israel. among the other targets, the media center where they say the militants were using communications facilities to get in touch with people on the ground. in total, more than 100 palestinians have been killed. half of them civilians. among them 1 11 civilians. all of them from the same family. most women and children killed from a single airstrike over the weekend. israel says the strike was the result of targeting the home of a rocket mastermind who was working for the militants. meanwhile, the militants in gaza continue to fire rockets in
dead in this latest fighting. david lee miller is part of our team who is live in southern israel tonight. david lee? >> shepherd, we are 15 miles from the gaza border. this evening there was a great deal of unease and confusion. it was a city of half a million. the greater metropolitan area is skiing lantly -- is significantly higher than that. they fired a rocket that landed within the city limits. authorities are not releasing precise details. there were no injuries and they are not releasing that information because they do not want to give targeting instructions to the militants. the weapon involved believed to be an iranian-made rocket. one of the rockets smuggled into the gaza strip. earlier the israelis said they had destroyed most of those weapons. meanwhile there were as you mentioned three israeli fatalities today. this in a city 15 miles from gaza. the dead two men and one woman seriously hurt a child. on the palestinian side, the death toll now stands at least 15 who have been killed. among them the hamas military commander. today his funeral was held in gaza. thousan
invasion of the gaza strip. david lee miller is live on the front lines. david lee? >> reporter: that is right. we're short distance from the border and over my shoulder, perhaps you can make out the iron dome missile defense system. during the last several hours, israel has continued to pound the gaza strip. there have been more than 200 air strikes and there have been rocket launching sites and the prime minister and a police station. there is also a report now that the israeli defense forces have implemented another targeted assassination going after another hamas commander. the death tomorrow is up to 45 palestinians killed and 350 bounded. so far three israeli have been killed. also in the last 24 hours, dozens and dozens of rockets have been fired from gaza by militants headed into iz israel. one was targeting tel aviv. a newly installed defense system shot down that rocket. residents of tel aviv watched on their balconies and they cheered as the rock was shot down. the success rate is now an incredible 85% according to israeli defense officials. the system has saved count
and gaza. david lee miller reports that a scramble is on to get peace talks going. >> reporter: there have been over 700 rockets fired into israel. the american finance iron dome stopping several missells sunday, at least two bound for telaviv. all along the border, there are platoons waiting for the order. israel is ready to expand its operation. while on a three day asian tour, speaking from bangkok, president obama spoke about the right for people to defend themselves but warned. >> they are much more at risk of being wounded. >> reporter: there are 10,000 rockets still in gaza. on fox news sunday, two senators weighing in from washington. >> i don't think the israelis really want a ground war. if sending ground troops in is the only way of cleaning out these nests of rockets being fired at them. you can't blame them for doing it. >> reporter: u.n. secretary moon is expected to arrive in cairo on sunday. and a delegation of arab ministers is expected to visit gaza on tuesday all in a bid to end the conflict before more lives are lost. along the israel-gaza border, david lee miller. >>>
. meanwhile difficult recovery efforts continue across the region. fox's david lee miller is on staten island. >> reporter: the new york city marathon is canceled. >> this year there of not unity around the player -- there was not unity around the marathon, anything but. it had become divisive and you can't have the marathon if it's divisive. >> there actually became this animosity towards runners. >> reporter: about 40,000 runners from around the world were expected to take part in the expect. the race was supposed to start in staten island, one of the hardest hit areas by hurricane sandy. meanwhile recovery efforts continue in the northeast. as millions remain without power homeland security secretary janet napolitano said the federal government is helping to restore electricity. >> the department of defense yesterday was airlifting utility crews with their equipment here to new york, to new jersey and other places impacted by the storm and more of those airlifts we anticipate to be coming over the coming days. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie putting pressure on utility c
city. israel mobilizing troops for a possible grounds invasion. david lee miller is live near the southern israel border with the very latest. david lee? >> hi, rick. israeli air strikes have continued with the intensity increasing in the last 24 hours. the latest figures are that 238 targets in gaza have been destroyed. among those targets, they've gone after rockets, rocket launchers, smuggling tunnel, headquarters of the palestinian prime minister, and there is also been a targeted assassination of a top hamas military leader. the death toll now stands at 45 palestinians killed. 350 wounded and three israelis killed. also in the last 24 hours, the rocket fire from gaza has continued. one of those rockets targeting tel aviv. it was shot down by the israeli military's defense system, iron dome. the rocket was shot down bay newly installed battery. there are now five of these iron dome batteries in israel. they just added a fifth one. people in tel aviv watched on their in their balconies looking up in the sky as the interceptor soared overhead, destroying the rocket. they say
without much of anything. no power, no heat, and some without homes. david lee miller will have more from long beach on new york where it's brutal tonight. first let's get to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who is live in our storm center. rick, who is getting it? >> yeah. kind of the exact same spot, the areas that got sandy generally. do i have to tell you the heaviest of the snow is a little bit farther north in across parts of connecticut. we didn't talk much about connecticut from sandy mostly just because we saw so much of the damage across long island and new jersey. a lot of people were without power there across areas of connecticut. a lot of tree damage. they are getting the heaviest of the snow. the storm has tracked a little farther to the east than we initially predicted that pulled down colder air. so snow now across all areas of long island and in towards new york city. if there is any good part of this, it's that it is not horribly cold and so the snow is not going to stick for very long down across at least on the road. so that's part of the good news. take a look at -
are not likely to agree to do any time soon. team fox coverage continues now. david lee miller live this evening in jerusalem. david lee? >> shepard, israeli reaction it was quick and by and large it was predictable. the office of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued a statement after the appearance at the u.n. by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. that statement said and i quote the word watched the defamatory and venomous speech full of propaganda the ids defense bosses and the citizens of israel. someone who wants peace does not talk in such a manner. truly before the vote burned palestinian flag here in jerusalem. the u.n. vote diplomatic terrorism but in the last few days after realizing the vote was going to have overwhelming support, tried to down play its significance. israeli defense minister ehud barak in washington today meeting with leon panetta says the vote does not replace peace talks. >> i see that nothing can replace on the way to serve our -- the substance, the conflict nothing can replace the direct negotiation with no conditions. >> palestinians meanwhile celebr
miller reporting near gaza at the border and joins us live. david lee? >> at this hour, israel continues to prepare for that possible ground war. shortly before we went on the air, off in the distance we could hear what sounded like israeli tanks rolling in the direction of the border. now israel has approved the mobilization of 75,000 reservists. today alone, 150 rockets were fired from gaza. about half of them were intercepted by the entry missile defense system. as you mentioned, one of those rockets landed in jerusalem. residents there went running to bomb shelters, shelters that they have not used now for more than three decades. hamas also released a video of that rocket being fired. they said it was an iranian made rocket. many of them have already been destroyed by the israeli air force. also for the second straight day, tel aviv was hit. no injuries there as well. but after the sirens were heard wailing throughout the city, people went about their business as usual. one couple that we caught up with was getting married this evening and they took photos outside a bomb shelter. li
to david lee mill who is live in -- david lee miller who is live. there is word israelis want to see if hamas can force a truce. can actually make one happen. >> that's very possible, shepherd. at this hour the future of diplomacy remains very uncertain. what i can tell you for sure is that this air war today did intensity. today alone the militants in gaza fired more than 150 rockets into israel. one of them landed outside of the city of jerusalem in a palestinianville lienal. additionally another -- palestinian village and another landed in a tel aviv suburb. there were light injuries there. meanwhile, the south also came under repeated attacks. >> early this evening there was a loud blast and a rocket fired from gaza penetrated the apartment house. this is what is left of the bathroom. you can see the window destroyed. here is some of the concrete sheared off. take a look here. we are on the fifth floor. below me is the fourth floor. the rocket made its way one floor below. miraculously no one was injured. the occupants of the house made their way to a safe room, and we are protec
, david lee miller, fox news. >> that storm is causing headaches for some travels here in the bay area. thirty-one flights canceled between san francisco, new york, new jersey, and philadelphia. >>> people are camping tonight in walnut creek. the tent city is the new chick- fil-a on northeast street. the restaurant opens tomorrow morning and the first 100 customers will get a free meal every week for an entire year. peaceful protesters also plan to show up after tomorrow's grand opening. they're upset by the donations that they've made to antigay organizations. coming up, where you can now lays up your ice skates and enjoy a san francisco tradition. a noticeable cooling trend, meteorologist mark will let us know about the wet weather coming our way. >> boy, what a change weather- wise, where we were a couple of days ago. to whether where we are today. >> 10-20-degree drop off. and we have more as he had as we as we head into thursday and friday. right now, the maps on mystormtracker. primarily portion of the north bay, we do have some low fog hanging around. as far as the coverage on
... and try to exxrccse theer ivic duty during the presidential election david lee miller has the latest rom queens, new york. yorkk as folkk rebuild after hurricane saady,a nor'easttr is eepecttd toohit the northeast on wwddesday. the mayor of bricc township -- a new jersey community devastated by mandatory evacuation.christie &psays: "it's smart for mayyr evacuation. he spoke with us before he did it e told him supportive of it...because &pbrickkis so severly ccmpromised right now because of the first storm." povernor christie says utility companies are doing a pretty good job reetoring power...with more than tww million people back onllne. p new york goverror andrew cuooo - onnthe other hand - lashing out at utility pompanies across hissstaae with hundreds of thousands still in the dark,cuooo says: state that the utility f this &pcompanies will be held accountable nd thhy will and &pwe will also learnnfrom this situation." new york officials also preeprrng for the looming nor'easter... keeping out--f-state utility workers in the area as long as needed. of
super storm sandy. david lee miller is live on long island, new york, where victims of sandy prepare for another hit. would you look at that. janice dean is in the fox weatherst. you predicted it. sure enough. >> nine days ago we talked about a hurricane. now we are talking about a winter storm. you cannot wrap your head around it. the worst right new, not at its height, the height from later this evening until midnight we are getting snow all across new jersey, mixing in with freezing rain and sleet. philadelphia issued a warning saying traveling home this afternoon could be next to impossible on the roadways because things are so bad. up the coast, long island, getting some snow and a mix of freezing rain and sleep. toward new england, mainly a snow event for connecticut with 3" to 4" on the ground and moving into parts of new hampshire and maine. this will be a 12 hour event. part this that is hard hit is because these areas are so vulnerable to storm surge and we will see 2' to 4'. there are high wind watches including a wind alert of 71 miles per hour off the coast of cape cod.
of a full scale ground war. correspondent david lee miller is near the israel-gaza border tonight. >> for the third day in a row, israelis ran from cover fired by palestinian militants in controlled gaza. more than 150 attacks were launched in the southern israel, that caused panic and destruction, but no fatalities. for the first time in the current conflict, air raid sirens were heard in jerusalem where two rockets apparently landed in empty fields outside of the city and the second day in a row, israel's largest city tel aviv was under attack, and a rocket in an unpopulated area, the rockets fired by palestinian militants now put more than 4 million israelis in their cross hairs, at this tel aviv cafe, it was business as usual after the air raid sirens stopped. >> my first reaction, i needed to run. >> and this couple took wedding pictures outside of a bomb shelter. >> and funerals for three israelis killed in a rocket attack on thursday. the death toll in gaza reached at least 24 as israel continued air strikes at hamas militants. although there was talk of a brief cease-fire
the frontlines. that's where we will find david lee miller in southern israel. what is the success rate of this iron dome system? >> reporter: harris, the system is very successful, so much so if you take a look over my shoulder, you can see the israeli military is resupplying one of batteries here in the city they used up all the missiles intercepting missiles at this location. when you talk about a success rate the figure that the military puts for the is 85%. another statistic, today militants fired 227 rockets into israel, 57 intercepted. you have to remember, the iron dome only shoots down rockets that are targeting population centers. as you mentioned, one of those rockets today was headed in the direction of tel aviv, it was shot down by the iron dome system, not just the iron dome system, it is worth mentioning it was a newly installed battery tested that the israelis just put into use and today, it proved its effectiveness. >> harris: first of all, i want everybody who is watching to understand there's a little delay, understandably, because of where you are. to work within the
airstrikes and rockets continue to rain down despite talk of a cease-fire. to david lee miller in israel with the latest. >> stewart, it was a late night for diplomacy. the israeli prime minister netanyahu meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. no announcement regarding a cease-fire. they both addressed the fact that whatever is produced has to be a lasting and just peace. meanwhile, hamas spokesman says israel has not responded to the latest cease-fire proposals and the earliest there could be any type of truce is tomorrow. meanwhile, we have seen today more rockets launched from gaza by militants. at least 130 of them -- one of the rockets landing not far from the city of jaw jerusalem. it landed in a palestinian village. also another rocket hit a building on the outskirts of tel aviv. this was the farthest rocket hit yet since this conflict got underway. it traveled some 45 miles and there were some light injuries in the tel aviv area. throughout the south, a steady garage throughout the day of rocket attacks launched by militants. and in the last hour or so, stewart, the is
miles offshore, double the previous limit. in jerusalem, david lee miller, fox news. >>> from bangladesh a horrific factory fire broke out in the garment district. officials say the-story building had no emergency exits and some of the workers jumped from the upper stories to escape the flames. some of those workers later died. firefighters say the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >>> in spain, today was the day of parliamentary and regional elections. two-thirds of the voters in catalonia are supporting the parties calling on a referendum of independence from spain. catalonia has its own language and considers itself distinction from spain. >>> and china heralds a military first. the chinese military says one ever its fighter jets successfully landed on the first successful sea carriers and says that the exercise marked the debut of the j-15 fighter jet developed in china. china bought carrier from the eucaine and has spent years refurbishing it. >>> a dragnet in canada led police to recover three tractor- trailers full of donations stolen from the salvation army. official
include france, china and india. bret? >> bret: david lee miller, in jerusalem. thank you. >>> still ahead -- hillary clinton is on her way out. we look at her time at state. first, are clinton's former senate colleagues willing to use the nuclear option? if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >> bret: senate majority leader harry reid has his finger on the nuclear button. not actual one but the so-called nuclear option. n the chamber that builds itself as the world's greatest deliberative body. correspondent doug mckelway has details from capitol hill. >> reporter: the cold war never got this hot. the threat of a retaliatory attack, mutually assured destruction made it unthinkable. in the senate, the unthinkable metaphor call nuclear option may happen when majority leader harry re
coming down. fox's david lee miller has the latest now from long beach, new york. >> reporter: by midafternoon the wind had picked up and the rain along portions of the coast had turned to snow. work crews on new york's long beach still trying to clean up after last week's megastorm say the nor'easter has made their job more difficult. >> a lot more difficult. the sand is getting heavier. the guys that are working outside, it's cold and difficult to work. they're getting wet, not enough ponchos, bags. we could use a little bit of help. >> reporter: the storm moving its way up the atlantic coast is expected to bring rain and wet snow to new jersey and new york. more than half a million people are still without power following last week's storm. now there is fear that number will rise. new york mayor michael bloomberg warned those without power to be cautious how they heat their homes. >> if you remain in your homes, please do not use gas ranges or ovens to stay warm. that is not only a serious fire hazard. the fumes can kill you. >> reporter: work crews in new jersey have tr
the assault but they said they would rathered conflict end now. fox david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: frantically searching for cover sirens jarring israelis throughout the day. israel's iron dome interceptor system shot down two rockets bound for tel aviv sunday night the strikes from hamas increasing in intensity. >> there are more significant rockets flying in terms of numbers and sequins coming in five at a time and not just randomly one or two here and there. >> reporter: firing back israel has been targeting the homes of suspected hamas militants in the gaza strip. this hit on a two story house. in the aftermath, children'sbodies are pulled from the rubble and at least 11 people killed. bloodshed is likely to raise international pressure to a cease-fire. on a 3-day asia tour streak bangkok president obama blamed mill faints for starting round of fighting. >> there's no country that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside the borders. so, we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. >>
nature may throw a curve ball in the region in the form of another storm. fox's david lee miller has the latest from brooklyn. >> reporter: parts of the northeast are trying to return back to normal a week after superstorm sandy struck the region. thousands are returning to school and much of the mass transit system is back on line across the areas. the trains connecting new york to new jersey are still down creating a lob jam of traffic to the early morning commute. in some was folking waiting in line for gas. >> i can take my lunch and go find gas? she said no problem. >> reporter: it's en route to service stations across the region. people are finding long lines to get their hands on some gas. many folks are still in the dark a week after sandy struck. close to a million homes and businesses are without power in new jersey. the streets in long island lined with garbage as residents try to clean up and salvage what they can. all of this as the nation prepares for a presidential elect on tuesday. many wondering how the aftermath of sandy will affect voter turnout in the region. >> m
ground war. fox's david lee miller is near the gaza border with more. >> reporter: for the third day in a row israelis ran for cover from rockets by pal standian militants. -- palestinian militants. more than 150 attacks were launched that caused panic and destruction but no fatalities. for the first time in the current conflict air raid sirens were heard in jerusalem where two rockets reportedly landed in an empty field in the outskirts of the city and for the second day in a row israel's largest city tel aviv came under attack. a rocket landed in an unpopulated area. the use of longer range rockets fired by palestinian militants has put more than 4 million israelis in the crosshairs. at this till a video cafe it was business as usual after -- tel aviv cafe it was business as usual as of the air raid sirens stopped. this tel aviv couple took wedding pictures outside an open bomb shelter. there were also funerals for three israelis killed during a rocket attack thursday. the death rises to 24. although there was talk of a brief ceasefire during a visit to gaza by the egyptian prime m
, the pumps won't work. and david lee miller has more on what is happenings in sandy's wake. >> reporter: days after sandy came through, people are desperately looks for gas getting relief. the defense department setting up emergency mobile gas stations to distribute free fuel in the new york city area. and there is a 10-gallon-per- person limit. >> i can report that 8 million gallons of fuel has been delivered. i had the coast guard with us yesterday. they said the port was open and tankers were being released. that is what slowed down the fuel, the tankers being held in the harbor. >> reporter: drivers in 12 counties allowed to buy gas every other day based on their vehicle license plate numbers. governor chris christi essaying he hopes the rationing will ease long wait times and prevent a fuel shortage. temperatures continue to drop and many homes remain without power. >> i don't have power. no generator. but my house is in tact. i'm not going to have power for a week or so. >> reporter: yesterday, the officials cancelled the new york city marathon. reaction is mixed. >> thank god he cancel
people won't have juice until at least next weekend. 10 days from now. david lee miller is down in lower manhattan for us tonight. david lee, lots of delays. indeed, shepard. folks who get their power from overheadlines are simply going to have to wait. there are some 100,000 downed wires. and they say those crews are going to have to fight not just downed trees and blocked roads but the flooding as well. but as for lower manhattan, where the lines are buried underground, they do expect just a few more days this weekend, the juice will be back on. but tonight, once again, darkness in lower manhattan. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller down along the tunnel for us. david lee, thanks a lot. the mayor of new york is defending his decision not to cancel the new york city marathon on sunday. electricity should downtown manhattan. they are telling us your power is back by saturday night at 11:00. marathon day they are good. there was a little damage along the marathon route which cuts through all five burrows of new york city. the president of the burrows of staten island reportedly said it
, the number of those who died, continues to rise and patience is wearing thin. david lee miller is on staten island for us this evening with the latest. david lee? >> heather, a few moments ago we heard from mayor bloomberg. he held a news conference and he said that he expects that the gas shortage is going to be in his words, less of a problem in the next few days. as we heard gregg mention, throughout the city, including staten island, there are mobile trucks set up to distribute free gasoline courtesy of the federal government. each of these trucks contains 5,000 gallons of gasoline. there have been a number of issues, a number of problems. as we can report here in staten island, things seem to be going relatively smoothly. there is a separate line for first responders. the police and ambulances, et cetera, people who need gasoline to address emergencies. then there is another line for the general public. the problem is, people in that line have waited hours. one man told us he was there since 9:45 this morning. elsewhere throughout the city, there are reports that the situation has beco
, expand its offense. that may mean a ground invasion of the gaza strip. david lee miller is live on the israel-gaza border. has diplomacy made a difference at all? >> we're about a mile from the border. a few moments we saw more rockets fired by militants into israel. as we gazed overhead. we saw the iron dome system doing its job. three of those rockets shot down just a few moments ago. in total today, at least 75 rockets were fired into israel. three of them targeting the city of tel aviv all 6 those intercepted. it's worth noting the shrapnel from one intercepted rocks fell to the ground and hit a car. there were no serious injuries. seven israelis were injured and dozens more had to be treated for shock. there was a relentless barrage in southern israel, they were about 15 rocketed attacks in a very short period of time. we talked to the military police spokesman and he believes it's possible that the militants are trying to fire rockets in quick succession to overwhelm the iron dome system. >>> what we've seen the most significant rockets that are flying in numbers and five
. along the israel-gaza border, david lee miller, fox news. >>> in other news of the world tonight, in turkey, a cameraman held by syrian government forces for 87 days is now back with his family. cameraman held tight to his wife as they were reunited. he told reporters it was very hard for him to talk because he didn't speak to anyone the entire time he was held. he did say he was not mistreated. there is no word about the whereabouts of the jordanian reporter captured with him as they were reporting in aleppo. >>> take a look at this. in australia, amateur photographer captured the image of this very large with our spout off the coast -- waterspout off the coast of new south wales. severe thunderstorms in the area caused some damage to homes on shore. >>> and in cairo, the new head of the egyptian coptic christian church was installed during a four-hour ceremony. the installation of the pope comes at a critical time in egypt's history, as the christian minority is seeing a surge in attacks since the uprising that overthrew hosni mubarak last year. christians make up between 6 and
into the weekend and some really long lines for gasoline. david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: new york mayor bloomberg touring the damage in brooklyn, urging patience to millions of new yorkers worn down by sandy's wrath. >> we are doing what we can as fast as we can consistent with making sure that we have no further loss of life. >> reporter: folks frustrated with long lines for gas, new york governor andrew cuomo said relief is on the way. cuomo said the coast guard cleared debris from new york harbor, allowing tankers to re- enter ports and more fuel will be en route soon, along with $100 million for relief. >> millions of gallons of gasoline are now through the harbor and going into the distribution network. >> reporter: for many, getting gas is the least of their problems. with homes flooded or destroyed. staten island, one of the hardest-hit areas, houses ripped a part, some blown off of their foundations. other drowning in flood water. emergency crews trying to fast track the assessment of damage here after residents said they were being ignored. the federal emergency managemen
't work. fox's david lee miller has more. >> reporter: days after sandy ripped through the northeast, people looking for gas for their vehicles getting some relief. the department of defense setting up emergency mobile gas stations to distribute free fuel in the new york city area. there is a 10-gallon per person limit. >> i can report that 8 million gallons of newell have been delivered. i had the coast guard with us yesterday and they said the port was open and tankers were being released and that slowed down the delivery of the fuel, was tankers being held in the harbor. >> reporter: meanwhile, new jersey begins rationing gas. drivers in 12 counties now allowed to buy gas just every other day based on their vehicle license plate numbers. governor chris christie saying he hopes it will ease long wait times at gas stations and prevent a fuel shortage. >> i have no electricity. >> reporter: the mayor canceled the marathon. >> thank god he canceled the marathon. do you know why? it's not fair. people in staten island have homes flooded out. >> we are angry. we spent thousands to pay f
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